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The most frequently asked questions about EnerTwin

    Can I purchase the EnerTwin now?  
      The EnerTwin will be on the market as of 2017. We are currently carrying out field tests with the EnerTwin.  

    Where can I buy the EnerTwin?  
      You can buy it either from certified dealers or from your energy company. In the latter case, the energy company will appoint certified contractors.  

    Can I install EnerTwin on my own?   
      No, to install it, you will need one of our certified dealers.  

    What about the maintenance of the EnerTwin?   
      Scheduled maintenance is every year or every 5000 operating hours.   

    What does the EnerTwin cost?  
      The exact price is yet to be determined and will be announced in 2017. We expect that this will not be very much higher than a comparable conventional solution.  

    Can I see an operational EnerTwin in action somewhere?  
      This would be possible in consultation with your energy company or our certified dealers.   

    How safe is the EnerTwin?  
      The EnerTwin has been CE certified by KIWA for safety and complies to all European safety regulations.