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Higher cost savings due to lower maintenance costs

The generation of electricity as a by-product of heat production allows the end-user to achieve signifi cant energy cost savings. These savings can accrue up to 25% of the annual energy bill. These cost savings are achieved by low cost of self-produced electricity compared to the electricity bought from your energy company, while the produced heat is fully used in the building.

However, there is a substantial risk. If maintenance costs are too high, the advantage of energy cost savings is largely consumed by the higher maintenance cost, as can be seen in the graph below.

cost savings

The EnerTwin is the only micro CHP system that is based on a very small gas turbine. This is done for a reason that gas turbines are known for their proven reliability and superior low maintenance cost. This cost is substantially lower than the maintenance cost of Internal Combustion Engines, fuel cells and gas engines. The maintenance costs of the EnerTwin can be up to 5 times lower than those of competing micro CHP systems.

This means that the energy cost savings of the EnerTwin is substantially higher than the savings that can be achieved by competing systems. This makes the EnerTwin not only more economical but also less vulnerable to future changes in electricity prices and/or subsidies.

In addition, the EnerTwin has a fast ROI thanks to its attractive price/performance ratio. Availability of subsidies and bonuses for decentralized generation will increase the cost advantage even further.