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The EnerTwin micro turbine: reliable technology

Flowchart EnerTwinThe EnerTwin is a micro-CHP system based on a micro turbine. The working principle is as follows:

  1. Ambient air is injected and pressurized in the compressor.
  2. The compressed air is pre-heated in the recuperator.
  3. In the combustion chamber, more heat is added by fuel combustion.
  4. The hot pressurised gas expands in the turbine, providing mechanical power for both the compressor and the generator. An "inverter" converts the power supplied by the generator to the voltage and frequency of the main electricity grid (230V / 50Hz).
  5. The expanded gasafter the turbine heats the air compressed by the compressor in the recuperator (see 2.).
  6. The residual heat still present in the recuperator outlet gas is transferred in the heat exchanger to water.
  7. The hot water is used for central heating and/or as tap water.